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Some lame bunny thing that enjoys sleeping eating and sitting

Style and process test thing for thesis

ahh I already ended up removing a few details of this character lol
A test for myself is if i can finish this scene within a week I’ll go with this method and if not i’ll do something else

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Top draw is a quick Ene fanart (Kagerou Project/Mekaku City Actors) Excited to see more episodes *o*
Second one is my character in a room doodle of some sort
Bottom is a parallax thing for my final this semester (spaced out here)

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I recently just got accepted for an internship in Boston and I’m super excited!! Though its around 3 hours away from where I live and I need a place to sublet for a few months! I promise I can be super clean and tidy! I don’t have any allergies I’m aware of and I’m totally ok with pets (more than ok!) My price range is around $400-800. It would be over the summer from mid-May-August!! If you or any friends know or have a place please send an email to

I would super appreciate if you were able to get word around, and thanks so much!

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Went home for a day or two and did some messing around in ps
I don’t really have the right programs to do any hw here lol aaa <_>

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some drawins/doodlins
The lionish guy I’ve been playing around with in my sketchbook
The second one is kagerou project fanart of Takane (ene) (super looking forward to the anime!)
the last one is a redraw of an old twitter icon draw I made for doyora lol

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the brave and gallant tomato

character belongs to gigi!

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Made a little animation in photoshop o my character sorta struggle flying

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made a little business card illustration for myself and the second one was an inclass doodl

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Some sketchbook doodles and the one on the right is a quick little ending credits draw for one of my finals

Last one is a fanart of cecile from ctale !

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Just watched that episode in Steven Universe aaa how neato I love fusion stuff, drew a quick fanart of Opal

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