Been playing lotsa Children of Mana lately in my off time! Decided to do a little fanart draw, I love this game so much visually!!! all of the mana games look really good!

Children of mana fanart

somme artings

First one is my first bg I finished for thesis film!! Many more left to go.. lol
second left one is my oc as a fur, the one on the right is b4kkar's character
3rd one is a touhou fanart request (orin)
last one is a sketch dailies thing (headless horseman)

long post sketch dailies

Very wind waker lately! Did some thumbs draws fanart of some windwaker scenes/stuff I rly liked

While at work I’ve also been watching/listening to game grumps a lot while I animate/concept stuff, Really enjoyed the windwaker lp! Didn’t draw Barry in there„ he could be the little pig maybv (third image)

wind waker zelda game grumps

Been watching the game grumps windwaker vids, i also made a fanart of arin and danny but i dont like how it came out so much, maybe i’ll attempt something again laterss

wind waker zelda long post